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Let me begin with a story…

I was the self-proclaimed videographer of my high school class.  I was armed with my parents’ old camcorder, willing victims, and a hairbrush.  Yes, I said a hairbrush.  My goal was to document my high school experience. I really stepped my game up my senior year, when I created “Kim and Kayla’s Talk Show.” Kayla was (and still is 🙂 one of my best friends in high school, and really had a knack for coming up with interesting interview questions.  Now enters the hairbrush.  I am sure my teachers loved when I pulled out my camcorder to film their lectures, other students’ presentations, and do on-location interviews (definitely mandatory for a talk show).

The only time I ever film anything now is when my parents shove the same old camcorder into my hands at Christmas when it is time for the presents.  However, being a wedding photographer, I sure do love watching wedding videos that really show the couple’s love for each other.  Having your wedding professionally recorded by a videographer is the perfect complement to professional photos.

Nic is a very talented wedding videographer based in Fort Smith, AR. He is the owner of NiLo ProductionsHe was so kind to answer my interview questions for this week’s featured wedding vendor. Here’s a few photos of Nic and his wife, Lori, creating some magic. I also included a gorgeous video clip. Enjoy!

Photo by Benfield Photography*images by Benfield Photography

Describe yourself in 5 words.

Ha! Five words! NowI’mDownToTwoWords,ButIfIDon’tAddASpaceBetweenTheseWordsICanKeepGoing…

Ok, here we go: Fun-loving-husband (one word I hope), indecisive, sporty-metro-video-nerd. Ok, I cheated, but 5 words is hard!!!

What are some of your hobbies?

I would like to have hobbies, but I just don’t have much time for them. I’m finishing up my MBA at John Brown University, and I sell advertising for Cox Media during the day…Not to mention the whole reason for my guest blogging- I’m a wedding videographer. But when I do make time, I like to travel with Lori (my wifey), play golf, and here lately I’ve been playing racquetball with my buddy Jordan (whom I can’t seem to beat)…But for most of my free time I’m editing.

What made you want to be a videographer?

It’s in my blood…My dad owned his own video business for a long time, so I grew up watching and learning from him. It’s a very special place in my heart, and I totally love making videos…Especially good ones!

What can a client expect when working with you on their wedding day?

Great question! The client can expect for us to do our job they hired us for while not interrupting their most special day. We try very hard to blend in and capture the day as it is- not as it was staged.

What is your goal for each wedding?

My goal is to be home by midnight! Ha! That was a bad joke!! I would hope other wedding vendors out there reading this will at least grin at that, because it’s true…No, truly my goal is to capture each and every important moment- cinematically.

How long have you been in the business?

Lori and I incorporated NiLo in 2007, but I’ve been making wedding videos for over 10 years now.

Describe the most challenging situation you’ve encountered at weddings and how you overcame it.

That sounds like a job interview question…Ok, I’m going to be totally transparent…In 2008, Lori and I were filming in Rogers (we live in Fort Smith, so it’s about an hour and a half away). We just arrived at the church to capture some getting ready footage when I realized I totally forgot my tripod!

My heart sank and I wanted to die!!! I didn’t need it for the getting ready footage, but had to have it for their ceremony. Lori, being the great trooper that she is, jumped in the car and sped back down the mountain to get the missing equipment. Meanwhile, while capturing my bride and groom getting ready, with my happy face on, I was sweating bullets! I wasn’t sure if she was going to make it in time. Sure enough, she got the tripod and made it back to the church with plenty of time…

In a rush and a little frazzled, Lori throws her keys into her purse then slams it shut in the trunk- therefore locking her keys into our locked car with the freaking tripod locked in the back seat!!! I couldn’t believe it!!! I wanted to walk in to the church, with my head down, and hand my clients a check and say, “I’m sorry, but we just can’t do it today.”

Thankfully, Lori quickly called a locksmith and they arrived, popped open the car, and we safely got the tripod out and set up with plenty of time to spare. All was ok after that…Except, I just felt on edge for the rest of the evening. I kept thinking, “What else could go wrong?”

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