How to Get Gorgeous Photos of Your Details on Your Wedding Day by Oklahoma Wedding Photographer


Oklahoma Wedding Photographer shares how to get gorgeous wedding detail photos
Hi there! I am Oklahoma wedding photographer Kim Christopher. And it is no secret that I LOVE to photograph my brides’ details at the very start of their wedding day. I love to be creative and see how all the elements of my bride’s day has come together through her details. Give me all the pretty shoes, florals, and jewelry!



So, you may be asking yourself, “What exactly ARE detail photos?” Detail photos are all the little pieces of the wedding day that have been carefully picked out. This includes the wedding dress, all jewelry including the rings, a ring box, shoes, full invitation suite, hair accessories, heirloom pieces, perfume, etc. Detail photos really tie the whole wedding day together and provide a cohesive story element for your wedding album.

wedding detail photo of shoes and invitation
I personally like to start photographing details at the very beginning of the wedding day after I have greeted my bride and introduced myself to the bridal party. It is especially helpful when the bride has everything gathered into one place so that I can grab and go. It makes it SO easy when all the details are in a tote bag or large box. If we have to hunt for the details when I arrive, that means I get less time to photograph them which results in less variety and creativity. I always take the details to a location that has great natural light. Sometimes that’s next to a large window and other times I could be outside on a porch.

wedding ring in purple Mrs. Box


Top 6 ways to get those gorgeous detail photos on your wedding day:

1. Put all your details in a large tote bag or box the day before. Have it somewhere easy for the photographer to grab it and start! Make sure all the tags are taken off the details!
2. Have your wedding dress and veil steamed and hung up before the photographer is scheduled to arrive. Bonus points if you have a pretty hanger for the dress! Even a plain wooden hanger is better than the original plastic one!
3. Include plenty of time for the details to be photographed in the timeline. A minimum of 30 minutes is needed, but 45 minutes would be even better – especially if you have a lot of details!
4. Ask your florist for a few extra blooms and twigs of greenery. This elevates your detail images SO MUCH! Most florists do not mind at all to include a few extras! Just e-mail or call them a week before your wedding and ask.
5. Include some fun extras to customize your wedding detail images. Some ideas could include a ring box (my favorites are Mrs. Boxes and Everly Boxes!) in your wedding color, a wax stamp or seals you used for mailings, or a monogrammed handkerchief.
6. Make sure you hire a photographer that values photographing wedding details and has a variety of detail images in their portfolio. Some photographers don’t take wedding detail photos, and that’s okay! But if you want those dreamy shots, you need to hire someone that is experienced in photographing details in a beautiful way.


wedding invitation and wedding ring in purple ring Box

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