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Why is it traditional for the bride and groom not to see each other before the wedding?

Here is a little insight to the tradition:

Many years ago when arranged marriages were the only way to go the bride’s parents wouldn’t allow the bride to see the groom before the ceremony just in case she thought he was ugly and would run away before the wedding ceremony. This kind of takes away from the need to not see each other before.

Here are some good reasons why you should see each other before:

– the bride is not stressed out after she sees her groom.

– we don’t have to play hide and seek with the groom before the ceremony.

– we take all the photographs before the ceremony so the couple, family and guests all get to the reception at the same time.

– we have natural light to make gorgeous images of the bride and groom together unlike when they get married in the evening and the sun has already set after the wedding.  I believe that people hire me for my ability to capture the bride and groom on the wedding day and if we don’t have the time or natural light I am not able to do this.

– the couple gets to see each other alone for the first time, instead of in front of hundreds of people. they can say things to each other and hug like they wouldn’t be able to if they saw each other for the first time at the altar. The groom will say things to the bride that she will never forget because it was a no pressure situation. They wouldn’t be able to speak if they were just seeing each other for the first time at the altar.

– the groom normally has a more genuine and breathtaking “look” on his face when he doesn’t have three hundred guests staring at him as you walk down the aisle.

– the first look is normally the only private time you will get on your wedding day.  having this precious private time helps you and the groom be able to soak everything up.

– there is 99% less stress on everyone involved in the wedding day.

So how does the First Look work?

We keep the couple separated until they are fully dressed and ready. Once the bride is ready, we send the groom to the front of the ceremony sight or another location of your choice and have his back towards her with no one else in the room. When she is ready, she walks down and tells him when he can turn around and take his first look at her in her stunning dress. This is where the magic happens. Tears, beautiful words and relief hit the couple.

The bride and groom are no longer nervous and he was able to see her walking down the aisle as he always dreamed. I take a few images and then step back so the couple can have some privacy. When they are ready, we go photograph them privately and then start the wedding party and family pictures.

I chose to do a first look for my wedding, and it was the best decision I could have made. I was so nervous before the wedding, and when I saw my husband for the first time I instantly felt better.

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